The Cathar castles
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The Cathar castles

The Castle of Peyrepertuse

The extent of its remains and the quality of its construction make the castle of Peyrepertuse the most important and most remarkable example of medieval military architecture in the Languedoc. If you are staying at our campsite in the Aude this summer, or wondering what to do in the Aude, don't miss the 10th edition of the great Medieval Castle Festival.

The castle of Queribus

Three kilometres from the village of Cucugnan, immortalized by Alphonse Daudet in the sermon of his famous priest, the Château de Queribus perched at 728 m high allows you to admire the grandiose landscapes of the Roussillon plains and the Corbières.

From the top of its rocky peak, the castle commands admiration and invites the imagination. Its renovation began in 1951, but it was between 1998 and 2002 that the fortress underwent a complete transformation.

The Castle of Villerouge-Termenès

Located in the heart of the medieval village, the imposing mass of the Château de Villerouge Termenes commands respect...
It was the possession of the archbishops of Narbonne from 1110 to 1789. Fully restored, it is a remarkable example of medieval military architecture.

Take advantage of your camping holiday in the Cathar country to visit this castle, which is typical of our beautiful region.

The Château de Termes

A breathtaking view of the Hautes-Corbières from the Château de Termes...close to the campsite in Cathar country.

The history of the Château de Termes is gradually being brought to light by archaeological excavations and development work.

The Castle of Aguilar in Tuchan

The ruins of the castle of Aguilar crown a rocky outcrop... A strategic point overlooking the plain of Tuchan, it guards the access to the Corbières.
After several Spanish attacks in the 14th century, it was finally abandoned in 1569. In 1999, it was used as the setting for the television series "Tramontane".