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Campsite Narbonne

Narbonne is a commune in the Occitania region, in the Haute-Garonne department. It covers 2659 hectares and has a population of 5500. This little town in the south-west of Frande is located on the Garonne river and dates from the middle of the 12th century. Although little remains from the original town after many successive battles during the Crusades, Narbonne's buildings are architecturally typical of the region. The buildings are primarily built in red brick and white stone. Visiting Narbonne is the chance for history and architecture buffs to make new and interesting discoveries, increasing their knowledge of culture.

Discover Narbonne

The charming town of Narbonne has much to offer if you wish to spend your next holiday there. First, there is the indoor market that dates from the 19th century, located in the center of town along main street. Instead of using wood for the carpentry, it has metalwork, inspired by Gustave Eiffel's buildings in Paris from this time. You can also visit the historic towers of Narbonne including the Governor's House Tower and the Colombier de Grilhon which were both built in the 16th century and have decorative roofs and an octagonal shape. The Saint Laurent church dates from the 13th century and has been listed as a historical monument since 1965, known for its golden retable and its Baroque-style choir section, so it's a site not to be missed. Near the church, there is also the Abbal Museum with sculptures by André Abbal in the gardens, open to all. If you want to rest after visiting the various historic sites of Narbonne, you can take a walk or have a picnic by the water, on the stone bridge that dates from the 18th century with a view of the town and a large portion of the river. You can also see the Moulin de Ferrey, which was built in 1827 on the Arize, a tributary of the Garonne.

There is more than just museums and historical monuments to visit in Narbonne, of course. An international youth football tournament has been held every year during Easter weekend since 1975. The Feast of Saint Lawrence is also not be missed on the 1st or 2nd Sunday in August. Beyond that, the town also has a public pool in summer, basketball, hand ball and tennis courts, an indoor boules area, a skate park, a water ski tow, etc. Both young and old will have a great time.

How to get to Narbonne from La Palme?

If you would like to explore the wonders of Narbonne, drop your bags off at La Palme. For comfort and services worthy of its 3 stars, stay with us only a few hours from this charming village. At this campsite with heated swimming pool, we will warmly welcome you to our unique setting. So, if you want to go explore Narbonne, you will only have to drive about 2 hours, a distance of 208 km on the A61 highway. You can admire the colors and landscapes of the region during the drive. And if you love culture or are just looking for a little village typical of the south-west of France, Narbonne is truly worth the detour.