Campsite Rennes le Château
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Campsite Rennes le Château

Are you planning to spend your holidays on a campsite in or around Rennes le Château? The Domaine de la Palme campsite in the Aude region offers mobile homes and rental accommodation with all the comforts of home, just 1.5 hours from Rennes le Château.

Tourism in Rennes le Château

Traces of dinosaurs, Paleolithic remains, Roman occupation, invasions and crusades. The past of Rennes le Château is rich but it is the 19th and 20th centuries that arouse interest around the village. Between his arrival in 1885 and 1917, Abbé Saunière, the local priest, renovated the presbytery and church and, through his servant, acquired the neighbouring land to create an enormous estate, which is still a mystery. The abbot is said to have found a treasure in the church... The presbytery is now a museum that sheds light on the abbot. As for the church, its decoration gives rise to many interpretations which always move the crowds. Abbé Saunière's estate also includes the magnificent Villa Bethany where he had a private chapel.

He also had the neo-Gothic Magdala Tower built. Offering an unequalled view, it takes the visitor into the world of the Templars and their treasure. All this is set in the heart of a park with a winter garden, an orangery and a breathtaking rose garden. The place is superb and full of esotericism, the visit fascinating. Budding Indiana Joneses and Hercule Poirot are invited to the abbot's treasure hunt and are given a few small gifts... We don't regret the 90km we covered from La Palme to discover the Aude!